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Wave goodbye to the Mexican Wave.

The boring tipy-tap-tip-tap, from–me–to- you, from-you-to-me, expensive to watch style of football; spawned the songs that the soccer spectators sang and clapped their hands to,- to relieve the boredom of their games.

At last years Challenge Cup Final, and at some other major games we have had some nerds trying to instigate ‘waves’

We pay good money, -and think there is always enough action going on in a rugby league match;- than to have it interrupted by half-brains who stand up at the behest of a few nerds.

The next time you are at a rugby league match and some nerds start a ‘wave’; please take the initiative to shout out ‘SIT DOWN IDIOTS’

Likewise it was idiot American students who started the ‘Mexican Wave’ to while away the interminable breaks and stops in ‘American Football’

Why Buy a Seat?

Part of a day out at a rugby league match is to have a drink and a bit of chat and banter.

But the real purpose of the day is to watch a game of rugby league. This of course requires paying for a seat, and these days, especially the major games, they are increasingly more expensive.

A lot of fans are now getting frustrated at having to jump up and down out of their seats with the constant traffic to and fro to the bars, and naturally later to the toilets; by a minority of people who seem more intent on throwing drink down their necks than watching the match.

Of course it is all about ‘getting in the money’ which these minority of ‘drinkers’ are happy to part with.

But what about the majority? -who want to sit in their seats and watch a match, without constant interruptions?

We think it better that all major rugby league games, once the match has started, including half –time; that no more alcoholic drinks should be taken out onto the terraces until the end of the game.

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